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When I was on IHP, my multi-destination study abroad programme, one of the things we did a lot was reflect. On guest lectures, site visits, experiences, etc. And what made these processes deeper and more fruitful was having 34 other people to say things in a way you had not thought about before, or ask a question that you could not have thought about on your own.

So leave me a question, a comment, a thought, or two, or three – I like questions – in the comments section below or to my email address, fkamonji [at] wellesley [dot] edu. I might not have an answer, or a complete answer, but I will respond and think about everything too.



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  1. Melissa Hayes says:

    Hi! Are u back in Nairobi now? I am moving there this week and I’m looking for regular Afro dance classes!

    1. Wangũi says:

      Hi Melissa,
      I will be back in September and will reorganise dance classes then! Happy travels!

  2. Sherri says:

    Hi. Are you still in Nairobi??

    1. Wangũi says:

      Hi Sherri, I am away for now but will be back later this year

  3. Anette says:

    Wangūi, you are an amazing person. I knew it, I said it and here I have another proof. Determined, inspiring and on top equipped with a beautiful laughter… I think, I mentioned this also before. 🙂 Looking forward to talking and seeing you soon!

    1. Wangũi says:

      Dear Kevin, The article on the lamu coal plant finally got written:

  4. Lucy Luccisano says:

    hi Wangūi, I enjoyed reading your post on PCMB program in Mexico City. I also do research on social programs in Mexico City, can you contact me via my e-mail.

    1. Wangũi says:

      Hi Lucy, I’d love to hear more! Will email you.

  5. Danielle MacCarthy says:

    This is incredible Wangui!. I’m going to put a short cut on my tablet to keep reading what you have here. What an incredible journey you must have had. Ever since I took urban geography in Vancouver and went on to start a urban studies program at sfu , I feel like my eyes have been opened. I understand things on a much deeper level. But, it doesn’t take me long to sit on hindlegs and relax. Your writing has inspired me to try to delve deeper and see if I can articulate things better. I’m in the Uk now, starting a planning degree but terrified I’m going to slip into conformist, grey ways of seeing things to fulfil the man’s quota if you catch my drift. Achieing that balance between the raw creativity and practice you see and operationalizin it so you avoid the trap of following orders is where i want to get to. Am i making any sense? I would love if yyou are so inclined to hear from you but understand you must be busy, I see a beautiful but focused mind in your writing! I go to Guyana this weekend, my paternal ancestral heritage, I want to loom at this country through the ideas you have here! Good luck and thank-you for sharing.

    1. Wangũi says:

      Hi Danielle, and thank you so much for your lovely message. It is definitely easy as you say to slip into apathy. For me while travelling it helped to think of the ideals that had made me want to do this in the first place. When I get weary even now, that is what helps to keep putting one foot in front of the next- that and the belief that there is something I have to deliver to the world, my part to play if you will.
      You sound like you’ve had, and are having an amazing journey too- all the best. Where are you studying in the UK? Enjoy being back in Guyana!!

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