brick by brick

When I see the houses in different states of completeness: exposed brick, half-painted brick, putting up the first floor, It reminds me that life is process, and we’re constantly making it, like these houses, what we want, from wherever we begin.   Brasilandia, 2013.

25 images of transition in brazil

I spent two and a half months working alongside various initiatives that were part of a larger Transition Brasilândia network while in São Paulo, Brazil. Brasilândia is located in the North East of the city, and a 2 hour and multiple bus ride away from the centre of São Paulo. It is also the only…

an ode to brasilândia

What is Brasilândia? A many layered thing- literally. A mix of textures, colours, sounds, “lá tudo nublado, aqui tudo colorido” as my host sister put it, The day she took me on a walk Through her colourful neighbourhood. A slice of life all in one short street. Where the church and local pub vie for…

waste watching in são paulo

How do people at a public park in São Paulo interact with a waste bin and what do they do with their waste? I watched at a bin in the Ibirapuera Park for an hour to find out.

at a swap fair in granja viana

I attended the monthly swap fair organised by Transition Granja Viana, a Transition Initiative in greater São Paulo. According to them, these (now weekly) swap fairs are the greatest success of the group!

writing, identities, agency

We write not only by writing but also by speaking, and the way in which we write and who writes, has the power to define people.

bartering for sustainability

A reflection on a culture of exchange as I experienced it in São Paulo, and on how bartering contributes to an alternative value system- featured on This Big City.

hallo mexico city

I arrived in Mexico City about a week ago and I am still settling in. I am staying in an art studio that one of the founders of the place I will be working in: Centro de Artes y Oficios Escuelita Emiliano Zapata, graciously allowed me to stay in (and for free yay!) I am…

policing the city

I mostly like police- perhaps that might be because I have never found myself on opposing ends with any one of them. And too because I tend to trust in people until they prove otherwise, if they do; and I understand the immense pressures that having a job as a security provider and law enforcer…