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Polis_Neighbourhood Improvment

Neighbourhood Improvement in Mexico City (Read the article)

Decolonising Brainstorm

Decolonising in Practice: Reviving Knowledge and Traditions in the 21st Century (Read the article)


Open Access_TARA

Homo naledi and reflections on Open Access in a still-closed world (Read the article)

WU_Alternative class notes

Alternative Class Notes: A Year Later: On Being ‘Back’ by Wangũi Kamonji ‘13 (Read the article)

Trash Fantastic-Waste 2

Trash Fantastic: Communication, design and sustainable waste management (Read the article)

Trash Fantastic-Waste 1

Trash Fantastic: Learning from cities across the globe to create the best trash can (Read the article)

Bartering This Big City

Bartering and sustainable cities: shaping a different value system in São Paulo (Read the article)

Lead poisoning from used lead acid battery recycling: A case study of Owino-Uhuru, Mombasa, Kenya

Personal features


Perspectives from Wellesley students, a series profiling African students at Wellesley: Wangũi Kamonji (Read the article)


Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme at Wellesley: How Wellesley students are making a difference in the world #19 (Read feature, Pg 11)



Wellesley 100

Wellesley 100: a constantly evolving list of 100 marvellous things about Wellesley. #80: Mamaland (Watch the video)

Articles in other languages

O que é velho é feito nova- fazendo bolsas com as Brasilianas  read the English translation here

Forma a terra quando ainda esta molhada- licoes meio-ambientais na horta comunitaria do Mato Dentro

O plantio do Mato Dentro- 09 de Agosto

A feira do Dia dos Pais e pensamentos sobre economia solidaria

Uma semana cheia em Vila Brasilandia

O Jongo no Sarau da Brasa com O Grupo Sambaqui

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