back to mexico!

I am back in Mexico after 2 years. I came for a few reasons. One being that the programme I am about to embark on begins in San Francisco and I didn’t know when I would be this close to Mexico again. So I took advantage of that to come visit my friends and family…


I am looking forward to attending some sessions of the United Nations Environmental Assembly #2 which will be meeting in Nairobi next week from the 23rd to 27th of May. This infographic on food waste shows one of the topics on the table for country representatives to discuss. See more on the UNEA website

exploring permaculture in nairobi

The bodaboda guy drops me off on the grounds in front of an old colonial-style mansion. I’m not sure this is the place but there’s a few people looking as lost as I am beginning to feel. A short walk around confirms the beauty of the setting- the edge of the Arboretum forest in Nairobi….

environmental lessons

-Rosemary likes sunshine, so we planted it over there where it’ll get lots of it- Interwoven with observations about where the sun rises and sets, -it rises on that side and sets on that other one- an explorations of smells: of soil, of compost, -compost contains dung from a cow or a horse- The fear…

can we end hunger by 2030? will we?

A panel discussion at the 2016 Wellesley College Impact Albright Symposium that I attended focused on the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal, namely, ‘End Hunger by 2030’. Weighing in on the panel titled, ‘Can We End Hunger by 2030? Will We?’, were former UN World Food Programme Executive Director, Catherine Bertini; chief of staff of the…

at the agricultural show: reflections on research to action

A few weeks back I went to the agricultural show in Kisii town in Western Kenya as part of an exhibit combining soapstone sculptures (something Kisii is famous for) and rock art. I had the chance to walk around to other exhibits, and this time I was more interested than in my younger days when…

climate change vignettes

Climate change, changes to long-standing weather patterns in response to changes in the atmosphere (forcings), is happening today, perhaps has always been happening. These are vignettes I wrote to humanise the experience of people who have to grapple with changes in their environments.

on resilience

In another reflection piece from Cape Town, I wrote about resilience in cities- the inspiration was a day when electricity was out in Langa, a black township where we lived for a few weeks. But now that load shedding– scheduled periods when electricity is out in different parts of the country- is a common thing…

at a swap fair in granja viana

I attended the monthly swap fair organised by Transition Granja Viana, a Transition Initiative in greater São Paulo. According to them, these (now weekly) swap fairs are the greatest success of the group!